The Night Before Case Studies

Editor’s note: We asked writer/strategist Dan to wrangle a team that would help us enter the New Year with ten new Case Studies on our website. “Sure we’re all super busy, but what better way to celebrate this amazing year?” we thought. We are realizing now that we are reading his post, maybe we might have pushed him a bit too far . . .

’Tis just weeks before New Years, and all through 2e
Many creatures are still working feverishly:
There are those in accounts, on phone calls with clients,
Ensuring some much needed deadline compliance,
And then all the designers and production team,
Making everything look sharp, compelling, and clean,
Our technology crew fixing things on the web,
And finance and admin with their numbers instead.
And then, naturally, the writers are crafting
Articulate content for pieces they’re drafting.
Everyone finishing up things that need doing
Before taking much needed breaks for renewing.

And I, with coffee in hand and headphones alight,
Just settling my brain for some websites to write,
When a reminder came on my screen with a ding:
“Don’t let next year start without first celebrating
All the great things you’ve done this year that’s now past!
Share all that great work! Make those memories last!”
Oh, yes, we need to update our portfolio!
And time it precisely for an end-of-year show!
So, in these final days of 2015,
We will engage in a healthy dose of boasting,
Trying real hard to maintain this meter and rhyme
Because, why the hell not? It’s the Holiday time!

Sooooo, to summarize, look for new Case Studies on the 2e website in the coming days . . . right?


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