Internship 2015

The Internship Begins

Each summer, 2e Creative finds a few impressionable, somewhat qualified, and sort-of-talented college students and recent grads (Editor’s note: their words, not ours). The goal: churn them back out into the world as decently qualified and sufficiently talented creative human beings (Again, not us talking; we swear). Over the course of the summer, 2e’s freshest will be pouring their skills into creating a strong brand communications platform for their very own client (more on that later) while learning everything they can about the industry from their mentors (okay, we’ll shut up now). Without further ado, introducing the 2015 summer intern crew.


From left to right: Meg Myers, Gym Selfie, and 2e’s very own Single Lady


Matt Meyers is entering his junior year at St. Louis University where he studies Studio Art and Communication. When he’s not “crushing” at the competitive sport of office table tennis, Matt likes drinking virgin piña coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain. He is not to be confused with current pop sensation Meg Myers.

Bekah Rigby is a current master’s candidate at the University of Missouri where she’s pursued an education in Strategic Communication for way too long. She enjoys Chuck Palahniuk novels, hanging out with dogs, and Instagramming gym selfies.

Sam Edwards is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois where he majored in Advertising. Sam spends most of his time avoiding the gym and learning the choreography to Beyoncé’s magnum opus “Single Ladies.”

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