The Brave New Agency: Part 1

Earlier this year, I was asked to speak at a conference of creative agency principals about the future of our business. Specifically, the conference presenters (shout out to Second Wind) asked me to paint a picture of what the agency of the future would look like to a room full of people.

Oh noes.

Real. People.

I was both honored and terrified at the prospect. They were asking me to stand before a room of mostly older, wiser agency presidents — many of whom were already running successful creative businesses when I was just taking COMM203: INTRO TO PAGEMAKER 6 — and essentially tell them how they had it all wrong.

I decided the best approach was to be as real as possible and share my genuine perceptions and predictions for the creative industry and unveil what I (and seriously, who the hell am I?) believe represents the creative business of tomorrow: the very blueprint for 2e Creative’s growth and expansion over the coming years. What’s the worst that could happen? Everyone would hate me and our company’s reputation would be in ruins? Fantastic.

They'll hate us cause they ain't us.

Not the end of the world, I suppose.

So I went for it. I outlined the market factors that represent the most doom or opportunity for today’s creative businesses, and painted a picture of what I think the ones who rise to the challenge will look like.

And you know what? It went pretty well.

So, now that the socially acceptable statute of limitations has expired since I presented (and I’m yet to receive a deterring amount of hate mail from disgruntled conference attendees), I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you. This will be a multi-part series on trends affecting (both positively and negatively) the creative agency business, recommendations on how modern marketers/advertisers can collaborate more effectively and efficiently with their creative partners, and — last but not least — a portrait of what we believe the new creative agency can, and should,  look like.

Stay tuned and be sure to plug into 2e Creative on Twitter or Facebook to catch updates as we post them.


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