Internship 2016

The 2016 Internship Roster

Editor’s Preface: New Season. New Team. New Shenanigans.                  

Coffee runs and late-night file sorting? Forget about it. At 2e, we run our internship a little differently. Our interns take charge of their own project for their own client — with guidance from the 2e mentor team, of course. And like last year, they’ll also create and manage a blog series to keep you posted on their progress.

We’ll let the new recruits tell you more over the weeks to come, but we will say this: if you give branded knee socks and creative freedom to the right group of whippersnappers, they *will* run with it. 

Ready To Rumble

Every summer, 2e varsity members go looking for interns to add to the JV team. They search high and low for recruits they believe are tough enough to be put through an intense, 8-week training program and come out the other end as superstars.


Taylor Porter (Teleporter) is a recent grad of Webster University where she studied Advertising & Marketing Communications. If Taylor isn’t huddled in a corner binge-watching recipe videos she plans to cook but never will, you can probably find her at home, napping in a bed full of puppies. Yes, literally.








Alicia Arnold (Lou Lou) has graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis with a degree in Graphic Design. She has visited Germany four different times and helped build nine houses in Juarez, Mexico.

Fun Fact: Though her travels and hands-on altruism can leave her understandably fatigued, Alicia refuses to take part in the glory that is napping (see Taylor for disapproving head shake).







Bohao Zhang (Booboo) is a senior at Washington University studying Communication Design and Computer Science. Bohao is always eating. Like… always. You will know he has reached ultimate satisfaction when he percusses his stomach in sumo-wrestler fashion.








Jaclyn Rouillard (Mizo) is a senior at Boston University studying Advertising. Jaclyn prefers to cruise through town with the windows down rather than using air conditioning, and if she has to choose between shoes and no shoes, you can bet your bottom dollar she’s going barefoot. Eco-friendliness noted.

Side note: Shortening her name to “Jackie” may result in a hair-raising glare.






Stay tuned in this race to the finish to see if the interns come out as champions. (Editor’s note: We like their odds.)

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