Fun fact: TAM Awards are heavy

Every year, some of the best work in the region is submitted for the Targeted Advertising and Marketing (TAM) Awards here in St. Louis. This year, we had the honor of bringing home a total of eight awards, including five “Best in Class.” Additionally, we also discovered that selfies taken on stage while accepting an award are, in fact, celebrated and not frowned upon.

Here’s how the metal was dealt:


Corporate Identity Logo – LAMP logo
Tradeshow Promotions and Attractions – Elsevier – AMSA The Knowledge Within Image Projection Booth
Mobile Apps – Elsevier – AMSA The Knowledge Within App
Dealer and Distributor Aids – Siemens Healthcare – Virtual Touch Infographic
Motion Graphics Used in a Website – Amerinet – ‘What’s Your Amerinet?’ Microsite video


Agency Self-promotion – 2e Creative – Agency of the Year Video


Business Meetings and Events – Elsevier – AMSA The Knowledge Within
Website – Sigma-Aldrich – FUEL Website

TAM Awards

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