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Starting a New Job at 2e Creative

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t heard, we’re hiring. If you have ever wondered what it would be like starting a new job at 2e, let our new Account Coordinator Kimberly Doman take you along with her first week experience.

Day One

My first day at 2e Creative was the Tuesday after Labor Day, and luckily I was not alone; it was our medical editor Matt’s first day! Sitting in the open kitchen next to the cardboard bear cutout, I struggled to control my nervous facial expression as I awaited the arrival of my new colleagues. They filtered in, with their assorted coffee mugs and dropped off their lunches. The room soon filled with welcoming vibes as the song “Block After Block” by Matt and Kim flowed from the speakers. We see what you did there, John.

The rest of the day, us newbies spent time working to understand the unique purpose, focus and code that drives the passion behind everything 2e does. Matt and I met with our CEO, Ross, who communicated his vision and idea of success in the 2e environment. While what he said was clear and purposeful, I learned what these core values truly meant by observing and interacting with the people around me.

Day Two

Come Wednesday, it was time to dig into the communication and project management systems used by the team at 2e. While I wish that the day’s “dig” could be compared to an archeological find that changed the way we think about history, the reality is that it was more comparable to toddlers in a sandbox dumping more sand on themselves then in the nearby bucket. The system we use shares a love/hate relationship with many in the office. One of my colleagues described it to me as a video game crafted in the late 80s, customizable, with gray blocked-out widgets and icons which you decipher as you open more tabs – not super pretty but can quickly become addicting if you are an analytical nerd. Regardless of the blank stares (which were abundant I’m sure), Amy managed to teach Matt and I how to communicate and track our projects well enough to get through the week. I have already gone back many times since then to clarify or re-learn tricks from her I wasn’t able to absorb the first week.

Day Three

I spent Thursday gaining insights on current projects that I will work on, discussing budgets and experiencing my first Ballast Speaker Series, an opportunity for 2e employees to learn something new from a fascinating guest over snacks and beer. Our guest this month was Robert Vogul, and I found his approach to account management hyper-focused and intensely aware of what his client contacts needed outside of their work. He pointed out that every word we use to communicate makes a difference on how our message is interpreted. For example, thanks to Robert’s perspective, I am now trying to break the habit of using “no problem” as my default when someone says “thank you”. This insinuates that it should have been a problem, which should never be the case. Try it. It is not as easy as one would think.

Day Four

Friday was busy and exciting. I was communicating directly with the clients on my assigned accounts and handling design work that had been sent for approval. By 3:00 everyone in the office seemed to have twice the amount of energy as usual and show tunes popped up on the playlist for all to enjoy. Amy was frantically cleaning the fridge, and the sound of a pool stick hitting the cue ball rang throughout our open space. The weekend was here, and it was time to relax, recharge and enjoy the 24-hour company of family and friends. I left the office and made it home without having to use my GPS—what a beautiful way to end the week.

Overall Thoughts on Starting a New Job at 2e Creative

Since beginning my chapter at 2e, I wake up excited to come to work. The people who work here have an amazing energy about them; they love what they do for our clients, and they have fulfilling lives outside of the office that contribute to their passions and unique sense of humor. They are willing to make jokes, laugh at themselves and encourage the people around them to be better people. I may sound like I’m preaching on top of a soapbox and sucking up to my boss, but the reality is that everything I am saying is true. I am beginning my second week here with a desire to contribute and an excitement for everything I will learn. Just for fun: Here is a tally list I was keeping to amuse myself throughout the week.

Week One Tally:

  • Lunches provided: 2
  • Pets in the office: 1 (hoping this goes up)
  • Memes sent through our company Instant Messenger: 6
  • Times people complained about salad: 16 (at least)
  • Kids Bop Songs on the Radio: 1 (It was “Who Let the Dogs Out,” and one was enough)

kim-domanKimberly Doman is a new Account Coordinator at 2e Creative and is a recent graduate of Stephens College, a four-year private women’s college, in Columbia, Missouri. Her major was in strategic communications and integrated marketing with an emphasis in graphic design. The games on her phone are puzzles and she prefers live acoustic music over music on the radio. While she loves to go out and dance on the weekend, she would prefer to find a hole-in-the-wall pub and talk to people she may never see again. History jokes are fascinating to her and she watches documentaries on Netflix when she is at home alone.


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