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We’ll call her Janine.

Janine is a new brand manager who just received her first big opportunity. She is now the U.S. marketing manager for an established, well-respected drug in the urology space.

Janine got her start as a young pharmaceutical sales rep, a starry-eyed dreamer fresh out of college. She now manages the promotional materials that equip more than 50 reps. A lot of sacrifices earned her this opportunity, from lonely drives across the state to late nights prepping for busy urology congresses. Janine has been a dynamo of determination, and she’s not about to waste this opportunity.

This is a test, as everyone knows Janine is being groomed for bigger things. Her urology drug is destined for loss of exclusivity next year, so it’s crucial that she maximize her time and resources quickly to guide her drug through a graceful transition. She knows that avoiding regulatory pitfalls is a big part of making that happen.

Welcome to “On Label”

“On Label” is a new blog series dedicated to helping life science marketers like Janine make more informed decisions through FDA-compliance awareness.

We all know what it’s like to devise an exciting, engaging new campaign with fantastic messaging only to find out in legal review that we can’t say any of the things we want. This blog will help us avoid those heartaches (and headaches). Each month we’ll follow Janine through a new regulatory adventure and discuss the laws and policies that she must navigate to make the magic happen for her team.

Join us on this journey and subscribe to our latest blog series by signing up for our newsletter. Our first topic will be “If It’s Just a ‘Guidance,’ Do We Have to Follow It?”

Until then.

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