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2e Benefits Show #JobLove for Millennials

2e #JobLove

When people approach 2e Creative about our culture, we are not shy about the response: we work hard and we play hard. We try to create the best working environment possible because we ask our employees for their very best, which is our key to attracting and retaining top talent.

Said about every generation

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The Millennial Workforce Is Upon Us

Millennials, those indefatigable social networkers aged 18 to 34 with the upbeat, enthusiastic attitudes, are currently the largest group within the workforce. With companies of all sizes enhancing their benefits and perks to showcase a modern (cool, fun, creative) culture, they recognize Millennials can take their skills (and typically high level of education) to other companies that are embracing the new turn in office dynamics and culture.

Past pay, Forbes states the two most important employee benefits are health care coverage and work flexibility (2e is known for both), which is a testament to not only our “always-on” society but also to the technology that makes constant communication possible. With Millennials being one of the first generations of children with schedules — also often understanding and using technology better than their predecessors — this lifestyle of digital presence and competence is a huge score for employers.

Putting Employee Satisfaction First


2e Creative featured in the St. Louis Business Journal for Millennial excellence.

The St. Louis Business Journal featured 2e Creative as a company who was not just accommodating this new work/lifestyle for its employees, but was doing everything possible to be the best. We were proud to share some of our tactics and programs that have allowed 2e Creative to put our name on the map for Best Places to Work. Literally.

Our “cool benefit solution” include:

  • Unlimited PTO
  • 100% paid health and dental
  • 401(k) match
  • Passion project time
  • Company outings (Busch Stadium private tour, anyone?)
  • Blowout trip incentives (hasta luego, Cuba)
  • Team Shares (it’s a bonus program on steroids)

Benefits v Perks

Of course, 2e offers a comprehensive benefits package, but we also provide (what we would like to call “aggressively-awesome”) perks for workers, too. Free lunches and happy hours, a beer fridge, ping-pong table, variable seating, snacks, an endless supply of hot Starbucks coffee, educational seminars, and whatever fun and interesting thing Ross and team cook up that week are things employees can expect (or NOT expect like the marching band that came through to celebrate winning Agency of the Year).

“Perks are honestly much more than just perks, they’re a glimpse into the way your company views work, culture, and people,” explains VP of Strategic Development, Brandon Chuang. “We love the individuals that make up 2e, which is why we strive to offer perks that promote and nurture their continuous development and happiness — both in and out of the office. Also, A FRIDGE JUST FOR BEER.” With everything from donuts to yoga, we’ve got something for everyone.

What’s Next in a Millennial Workforce

Inc. Magazine predicts a change; things like email as a primary form of communication, traditional office space design, and strict office hours will go away, while Forbes foresees a future with a blended workforce (with full-time permanent employees working side-by-side with freelancers), ongoing review process instead of annually (2e does monthly reviews, just sayin’), AR/VR for recruiting and training, and a focus on workplace wellness. <– We call that our 2Fit program.

Whatever the future brings, strong foundational values will reign supreme. We put our people first and that’s what matters.

Team 2e dominated the dodgeball challenge.

Team 2e dominated the dodgeball challenge.

2e Creative pre-Thanksgiving lunch and laughs.

2e Creative pre-Thanksgiving lunch and laughs.

Yoga by the pool table. Just another day at 2e Creative...

Yoga by the pool table. Just another day at 2e Creative…

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