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JC’s Advice for Work, Life and Everything In Between

Ask agency legend JC Dillon for his greatest piece of advice for work, life and everything in between, and he’ll tell you, “Find your own voice. Find your own style.”

He has definitely brought this distinctiveness (and more) to 2e Creative.

After 30+ years in the marketing industry working with some of the world’s most prestigious brands (think: Monsanto, Boeing, Merck, Ford… and, yes, even the NFL and Ketel One Vodka, just to name a few), JC decided to cap off his career at 2e before officially retiring in June 2017. In his short but impactful time at 2e, he had a special knack for motivating others and a vocabulary full of original catchphrases (“The difference between doin’ it and not doin’ it, is doin’ it, yo.”).

It’s no wonder that a force in driving change for the world’s most recognizable brands would cultivate such a unique brand for himself. JC is known as something of a mad scientist: a visionary in strategic accounts who has guided some of the most unusual projects at 2e. For example, under his leadership, 2e gathered local street artists to paint original artwork for MilliporeSigma’s Curiosity Cube, bringing the mobile science lab to life in just 10 days. “That’s just the way JC rolls, yo!”

Of course, we couldn’t completely get rid of him after retirement. A teacher at heart who believes in leading by example, he has inspired others to embrace change and find their own voice in a rapidly growing agency. These days you will find JC around the office acting as a consultant and a wise purveyor of his own “JC-isms” to the 2e team.

To continue his legacy and to share his own unique perspective, JC will be offering his two cents in the latest 2e blog series, JC’s Advice for Work, Life and Everything In Between. We’re expecting it to be wicked awesome.

You can read the first installment of the series, “JC’s Advice for Healthy Aging and Finding Your Badass Self,” here.

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