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Editor’s Intro: Final Thoughts From This Fantastic Foursome
In case you’re curious, the interns nailed their final presentation. From the internship, to the pitch, and throughout the whole experience, they nailed it all. But what were the lessons learned amidst so much success? Let’s find out.

papers flying

Don’t cry because it’s over. Play 52-page pickup because it happened. 

It’s happened. After two lightening-fast months, the internship has come to a close. We may be headed down our respective paths, but we learned some things this summer we’re definitely taking with us. The program was fun. It was exciting. But most of all, it gave us the opportunity to experience how a creative firm actually works — by running our own project from start to finish no less. Talk about a learning experience.

We humbly present: The Awesome Campaign of Awesomeness


Our campaign, Allies for All Eyes, is about community, banding together as experts and caregivers to create lasting, positive change.



Campaign messages had to do triple duty: catch attention, show the importance of early intervention, and convince HCPs to partner with DGCkids.


Visual elements were warm and playful while maintaining an air of expertise. Plus, we got to show cute kids. Now that’s a little guy with endless potential empowered by comprehensive vision screenings and early intervention services.


From the design and development to the copy and tactics, every element of the campaign captures the level of care we saw at DGCkids, building trust and awareness in the process.


In regard to that final presentation, we did ourselves and our 2e internship proud. [Editor’s note: And their mentors. And their client. And, most indisputably, the world.] The kicker? We were able to leave DGCkids with a campaign that not only creates awareness for their vision screening initiative but also captures the inspiring, proactive compassion we witnessed from the DGCkids experts themselves. In doing so, we became a small part of a community that empowers kids with visual impairments to access the endless potential within. Early intervention specialists. Pediatricians and optometrists. Educators. Families. Volunteers. Champions. Us. Whoa.

So now, with our fist in the air, we are ready to take on the world with our newfound knowledge. The next question: who’s hiring?

Editor’s Outro

It’s bittersweet. We are sad to see them go but understand their paths will continue on and hopefully cross back our way sometime. With our focus on giving 2e interns real-world project experience, it doesn’t just develop them professionally, it develops them personally. Understanding teamwork, deadlines, and accountability will take them much farther than fetching coffee and making copies. While they may not leave us with mad java skills (unless they’re developers, get it? Ba-da-bah!), they leave us a little more determined, confident, and prepared for their next experience.

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