Internship 2016

Internship Playlist: Track 5

The Final Countdown

Editor’s Preface: Eat Your Heart Out, Earth.
The other day, our interns presented a full-blown concepting deck complete with a healthy slue of mockups, strategic recommendations and a working landing page prototype. Needless to say, they’ve come a long way in a very short time. Here’s a look at what was going through their heads as they geared up for the big pitch.

Mic: check. Hair: teased. Venus: wait, is there wifi here?

Mic: check. Hair: teased. Venus: wait, is there wifi here?

Everyone, take your seats! It’s happening. The last few moments before our big presentation are here and boy are we jazzed. Last time we presented, we were a smidge nervous. But this time around? All T’s are crossed, I’s dotted, and ducks placed neatly in a row.

We’re heading for Venus (or maybe it was the conference room), and still, we’ll stand tall. Not only will we get to show off our work, but everything we’ve learned at 2e over the past two months. Our client and mentors will see how we’ve evolved and overcome challenges along the way.

So this is it. We’re leaving ground. Will things ever be the same again? (Probably not, because we’ll be reaching our final form as interns.) We’re rolling in good vibes, positive energy, and spirit fingers, so be sure to look out for our next post on how it all went down.

Don’t change that dial — we’ll be back later to tell you how it all went. Spoiler alert: they blew it out of this world. 

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