Internship 2016

Internship Playlist: Track 4

We Survived (and will continue to do so)

At first we were afraid. We were petrified. Kept thinking we would never live without our mentors by our side. While that is a mildly dramatic description of how it felt to present to DGCkids, this is an equally dramatic description of how it actually went. Prepare yourself.


Metaphorical representation of our spirit animals flying into the sunset of victory as “I Will Survive” plays in the background.

Have you ever seen those videos where a bird is released into the wild, and it soars into the sunset with absolute elegance? That’s pretty much how it all went. [Editor’s note: Feel the drama.]

Now before you think we’re a pompous bunch, tooting your own horn is not frowned upon here. In fact, A+ work gets projected on the big screen during morning meetings. When you’ve spent weeks building ideas from the ground up, you tend to get a little enthusiastic.

Before the presentation, we practiced alone, we practiced at home, we practiced on a train, we practiced on a plane. Putting aside the green eggs and ham, what we’re getting at is we put our heart and souls into this — and it paid off. DGCkids loved our efforts. After presenting, they provided us with feedback and picked their top choice of the three concepts, which actually happened to be our favorite.

We feel confident in knowing exactly what our client wants, and are excited to move forward in 2e fashion. Our little baby concept will grow into a fully developed campaign that we’ll send out in the real world to survive on its own. The empty-nester life is just on the other side of the horizon. [Editor’s note: We can relate.]

Come back later to read about the interns’ final week here at 2e and find out if we’ve flown past the extent of our bird metaphor repertoire. 


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