Internship 2016

Internship Playlist: Track 3

The Middle

Holy cow. It’s here. The halfway mark, the middle of the road, the point of no return. *Dun dun dun.* Last week was quite a doozy. We spent our time preparing for an upcoming DGC Kids presentation, in which we we will take three very distinct concepts, cast them up on the big screen, and explain why each one is the best (this must be what it’s like to swear you don’t have a favorite kid).


We may or may not channel our inner Jimmy Eat World and picture everyone in their underwear during the presentation. The internet says it helps. Editor’s note: If you’re not still plugged into 90s alternative rock, just pretend we pulled this reference from Anthony Michael Hall’s dream journal.

We’re finally ready. We’re excited, and we’re ready, but it took a lot to get here.

It all began with the research phase, which was followed by a series of group huddles around the dry-erase board. We threw out words, phrases, and random doodles to get the creative juices a-flowin’ — and trust us, they were a-flowin’ — until our three beautiful concepts came into fruition.

After all the hubbub and nitty-gritty, we compiled the work into a majestic unicorn of a presentation that will hopefully blow the socks off DGC Kids. The idea is to make everything so mind-blowing, they cry a little at the thought of having to choose only one concept.

A lot of times, people think what we do can just be summed up as “catchy headlines and cool pictures.” Okay, that is a big part, but we’re quickly learning just how much more there is to it. Words are extremely important: they bring definition to abstraction. Like so, “cool pictures” are critical to the absorption of information. The two go hand-in-hand, working together to tell a compelling story that ultimately leaves people with a solid impression.

Needless to say, this week provided us with our fair share of stress, but we know everything will be just fine. It may take some time, but hey, we’re in the middle of the ride.

Editor’s Outro

Will the interns fare well in their first presentation? Will their catchy headlines and cool pictures also tell an engaging and emotional story? Will their next song choice involve Gerard Way? We’re certain the answer to at least two of these questions is a resounding yes, but you can tune in later to find out for sure.

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