Internship 2016

Internship Playlist: Track 2

We don’t like it. We love it.

Things are getting rather interesting in the Intern Corner (our super-station where we make magic happen). This week has been the busiest thus far, so of course we had to pick a “feel good” song to replace the pressure with poise — and sweet dance moves.

We’ve been working hard and really getting the ball rolling on the DCG Kids campaign. It seems it was just last week we were discussing what distinguishes a concept from an idea. [Editor’s note: It was.] And now, we’re creating visual identities, brand stories and more for three full-blown concepts. If you ask us, we’re killing it like Robin Thicke in his infamous Beetlejuice groove suit. [Editor’s note: They are.]


“I don’t like it. No. I love it, love it, love it.” – Flo Rida feat. Verdine White & Robin Thicke

Though our client work takes precedence over everything, we still have to entertain ourselves from time to time. Each morning, we challenge the office to choose the lesser of two evils in very important hypothetical situations, such as: “Would you rather the world be taken over by evil aliens or evil cyborgs?”

Some questions had fairly obvious answers; others resulted in heated debates that divided the office into barbarous, chair-wielding mobs. [Editor’s note: Outside of that, “Choose Your Theoretical Demise” is a surprisingly delightful game.]

We love it around here so much it hurts. The work, the environment, the deadlines staring us mercilessly in the face. After turning a muddled mix of strategy and inspiration into a well-rounded — and awesome — concepting presentation, things are starting to really make sense, and we’re feeling increasingly more confident in each other and ourselves.

Tune in next week for Track 3, and check out our introductory track if you haven’t already.


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