Internship 2016

Internship Playlist: Track 1

School’s Out. Work’s In.

No more pencils. No more books. No more teachers’ dirty looks. We’ve officially traded all that in for creative briefs, email invites, and a plethora of meetings. It’s been amazing, to say the least.

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Editor’s note: This year’s series, as you may have gathered, puts a little “bump” into the daily agency grind. Much like last year’s Internship Chronicles, the Internship Playlist will keep you posted on all things 2e intern: projects, progress, wisdom, and wisecracks — the rhythm and flow of the summer, as it were.

Judging from our previous post, last week may have seemed like all play and no work, but let me tell you, dear friend, that was not the case. We began by kicking off an awareness campaign for DGC Kids, a local organization that provides support and education for children with visual impairments, as well as their families. 

We dove into the crucial research phase the best way we knew how — with a field trip to DGC. Every inch of the center is designed with the kids they serve in mind, right down to the textural, way-finding patterns on the walls. No matter how many hours you scour the internet, there’s no substitute for the insights you gain by getting on the ground for a true insider’s perspective.

At the office, we’ve been hard at work, and it’s refreshing to be regarded as a responsible adult for once. We attended meetings, brainstormed for ongoing projects, and even crafted a presentation of our own to introduce ourselves to the DGC Kids organization. 

Our free time has been spent getting a lay of the land and scribbling down keys to success we’ve picked up on. Here’s a page from our notebook to sum up the major takeaways from the week:

Week 1 Intern Notes

Editor’s note: “Tight and spicy” could refer to writing advice or our Samba Rhythms seminar. We’ll let you decide.

Also, the air conditioning broke on one of the hottest days this week, but you don’t notice minor things like that when you’re already on fire. *Drops mic.*

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