Internship 2015

Internship Chronicles: Week 8

Winter Reality is coming.

Well, this is it everyone: the very last Internship Chronicles post. Whether you’ve been following our blog from the very first post or seeing it for the first time today, we want to thank you for being interested in the awesome journey we’ve been on. If you recall in Week 1, we claimed to be somewhat talented and sort of qualified. We wouldn’t call ourselves experts after only two months, but we will say that we’re pretty talented and definitely qualified to pursue careers in advertising (Editor’s note: they’re right.).


Our watch is over.

It’s had its moments of chaos and quiet. We’ve gone at full speed and we’ve worked slow and steady. But we’ve come to realize that’s the nature of the business. You’re always on your toes. Every day is something different. Most of the time, it’s exciting and fun, zooming back and forth from job to job. And sometimes it can feel incredibly slow. But we’re so incredibly proud to finally be able to reveal what much of our hard work has gone into these past two months.


Partnering with the 2015 winner of Startup Weekend: HEALTHbio St. Louis, we developed a complete brand identity platform from the ground up for the company then known as WattRunner. The result, and what we’re proud to introduce to you today, is VIM.


From the name to the narrative, the logo to the web designs, we helped this intelligent fitness app that equips runners with greater insight into their training hit the ground *ahem* running. Be sure to keep an eye out for them, both online and in the app stores.

Vim1 Vim2

So that’s a wrap. Good luck getting quality content on this blog with us gone. (Editor’s Note: Ouch) Mentors, it’s been real. We can’t thank you enough for all the guidance, wisdom, and hilarious anecdotes you’ve given us over these past two months. Wish us luck heading out into the world, for the job hunt is dark and full of terrors.

Interns out.

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