Internship 2015

Internship Chronicles: Week 7

Make it simple, but significant.

Let’s face it, a Mad Men reference was only inevitable. We were just waiting until we felt comfortable enough to consider ourselves bonafide ad men (and woman).

Each day we’re here, and every edit we make, brings us one step closer to our client’s final product and our last days at 2e. And considering how many edits we’ve made, Don Draper’s advice of “simple, but significant” has proven true, yet harder to attain than imaginable.


Why no, this Mad Men–reference has not been beaten into the ground. But thank you for asking.

Last week consisted of finalizing the details for our client’s logo choices and crafting mock-ups of their creative possibilities to form an arsenal of communications collateral. We explored seemingly every color in every palette to form concepts that matched the tone we had set with our brand narrative. And although the stakes were high and time was running out, we hung tough under the pressure.

Once confidence levels in our work were at the appropriate heights, we presented to the client. We had spent all our time perfecting our pitch materials — the only moments away were spent mercilessly beating 2e’ers at their favorite sport: ping pong — and we couldn’t have asked for a better response*. The overwhelmingly excited reactions we received from the work we put in made us feel fantastic. In fact, some might say we feel finally qualified to compare ourselves to Don Draper**.

*Editor’s note: Interns beating us at table tennis is complete poppy-cock.

**They’re interns, people — give ’em a break.


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