Internship 2016

Internship Chronicles: Week 6

Just keep swimming.

Give us some fin, because we’re just cruising along now. We’ve got growing to-do lists and massive amounts of work, but we’re not drowning in it. In fact, it’s going quite *ahem* swimmingly.

The waiting game with our client is finally over. They’ve picked a new name and messaging platform, which is why we’ve spent the last week developing visual identities, picking apart the competition, and jumping in on a few other client projects here and there. Maybe we’re so stressed out that our anxiety just shut off or maybe we really do know what we’re doing.

We love puns.

We love puns. No, seriously; ask our mentors.

Over the course of the week, we’ve probably looked at about a hundred different logo possibilities, with the goal of narrowing it down to three by Friday. We’re breaking down to the most infinitesimal detail on what our competitors look like on their websites and other digital presences. We’re intricately weaving a narrative together into a cohesive brand platform. And again, that’s just work for our specific client.

Whether it’s landing page design and copy or signage concepts, we’re getting invited to jump into projects from every angle. The biggest benefit: we’re definitely getting to know what our individual strengths and weaknesses are. Spoiler: Design Intern Matt Meyers greatest weakness is taking a Benadryl at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Monday. Horrible idea.

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