Internship 2015

Internship Chronicles: Week 5

Do or do not. There is no try.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… (okay, fine, last week in a Midwest agency), we, the interns, continued learning about the biz. The biggest lesson learned this week? There are a lot of forces (ahem) that shape our industry, but no force is as big or important as the client.

After the branding presentation we gave last week, we eagerly awaited feedback. We wanted to keep chugging along, but big decisions — like renaming your company — take time. So, we’ve spent a lot of this week waiting for the client to make those decisions.


Just, you know, being patient on Tatooine.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working, and the projects we’re being asked to help with just keep getting bigger and bigger. Whether it’s writing and editing web content or putting together analytics reports, we’re feeling more included in the goings-on of each week, which is nice (it’s always nice to step away from your primary projects for awhile and stretch your mind with a different client’s voice, tone, design, and style).

But, playing the waiting game isn’t easy. We want to work on this stuff and we want to make fantastic mind-blowing material for the client to use. We’re excited about what we’re doing. In that sense, we want these big decisions to come faster. And, with only three weeks left in the internship, we know we’re about to engage hyperdrive to get all of our goals accomplished.

(Editor’s note: Uh, yeah, the interns really loved their theme this week — they had a Rancor comment in an earlier draft — so just go with it.)

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