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How To Do The Mannequin Challenge

As a creative agency always on top of the latest digital trends, 2e Creative couldn’t help but get into the latest craze to hit the internet: the Mannequin Challenge.

Similar to planking and Batmanning, staying still is a critical part of a successful Mannequin Challenge. Everyone from presidential nominees to spirit squads has gotten in on the action.

Started by some high schoolers in Florida, the challenge is easy to do and allows the group to get as creative as they want with personal touches — the perfect formula for an online challenge.

How To Set Up A Mannequin Challenge Video

It’s all about catching the moment.

  1. Get a group together and decide what actions will be frozen. The more people, the better.
  2. Everyone but the videographer should freeze and be completely still, like mannequins in a store window.
  3. The camera should be the only thing moving, catching the group from different angles as the person filming walks through.
  4. Add music. The unofficial song playing in the background in a lot of the videos is hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles’ (Paul McCartney-approved).

2e Creative Morning Meeting: Mannequin Challenge Edition

Everyone enjoyed this activity and had fun working together as a group. The process took no more than ten minutes and was an entertaining way to start our Friday (and MUCH easier to clean up than the Ice Bucket Challenge… But that’s another story).

What would your Mannequin Challenge look like?

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