Healthcare Agency of the Year: Three Cheers for Three Years

If you haven’t heard… October 19, 2017, was a freaking awesome huge night for 2e Creative, as we became the first and only agency to be recognized as Small Healthcare Agency of the Year by Medical Marketing & Media for the third year in a row.

2e Creative accepts award for Healthcare Agency of the Year at MM&M

Not only did we break records with this extraordinary win, but we also took home gold for Professional Sales Tool for our work on the HELX Evolution Sales App with Siemens Healthineers.

While the MM&M judges noted record growth and captivating creative as reasons for the win, they also noted something essential about 2e Creative — our culture; something that is cultivated and supported by the passionate and creative minds that drive the meaningful work we get to do every single day.

And to celebrate the people behind that meaningful work, we invited everyone at the agency to nominate three of their hard-working and deserving peers to attend the 2017 MM&M awards ceremony in New York City. The lucky finalists were:

MM&M Healthcare Agency Award Attendees

(From Left to Right) Simon Lam, Art Director; Randy Lutz, Production Designer; Dustin Mueller, Designer

So, instead of hearing a long-winded thank you speech by the CEO (no offense, Ross), we wanted to lift the curtain a bit more by hearing directly from Simon, Dustin and Randy, on what it was like to attend MM&M and what being a part of the 2e Team means to them.

First thought that crossed your mind when we won Small Healthcare Agency of the Year.

Simon: I shouldn’t curse, so…

Randy: WOW, THREE YEARS?? But, after seeing the nominated work, I realized we really are THAT good. Three cheers for three years!

Dustin: “OMG! I can’t believe we won again,” and “Guys–we’re pretty good at this design thing.” …And definitely, “Don’t trip on your way onto the stage.” (That’s three, but we’ll let this slide, Dustin.)

Describe the significance of the three-peat and what it means to you as a designer in a nationally recognized agency.

Dustin: Obviously, what we are doing is working. Not just in terms of design or creativity, but culturally as well. We have created a place where creative minds and passions cannot only develop, but thrive.

Randy: The three-peat is an unprecedented honor and makes me so proud to work at this agency. I suppose every agency thinks they’re different, but to actually see our “difference” verified by our peers is incredible.

Simon: Working on projects that you believe in, knowing that your work is impacting others and improving the life of others. And being able to learn from all the insanely smart people in this agency are good enough reasons to feel proud to be part of this family and journey. Now, being recognized for the third time in a row for it, it’s just (bleeping) amazing!

What do you think 2e offers to its clients that separates and distinguishes the agency in the healthcare marketing field?

Dustin: A true partnership. A relationship where we work side-by-side with our clients from conception through execution and delivery. Providing constructive feedback to the requests and ideas of the clients we work directly with. Many agencies simply take direction and execute without having a discussion on the thought behind it and how it will impact the greater strategy. We are not afraid to push back when we know something can be done better than how we were asked to do it.

Randy: This industry challenges us in different ways. 2e has more outstanding talent in-house than any other agency I know. We definitely focus on quality vs. quantity. In healthcare marketing, you try not be too flashy or sexy. What you can do (which 2e does effectively) is know how to control and guide a conversation towards informed decisions rather than gimmicky sales tricks.

Simon: Our passion for what we do. We can’t create impactful pieces if we don’t believe in what we are working with and who we are working with. We don’t want to be just a vendor to our clients; we want to be their partner. And well, having crazy, kickass people on our staff helps too.

Beyond awards, what does success at 2e look like to you?

Simon: Work that puts a smile on our faces when we look back at it. And happy and trusted clients.

Randy: Respect for your fellow worker. That sounds sterile, but it’s true. The biggest issue with any agency is that each department thinks they are doing all the heavy lifting. What is unique about 2e is the respect and admiration for everyone and the role they play in getting the best possible work out into the world. Agencies should not use awards as metrics for success, but a company-wide mindset of communal effort and to strive to keep pushing ourselves at every possible moment.

Dustin: Simply put, happiness. The awards are great, but even if we didn’t win them I would still love coming into the office every day and doing great work with great people.

As a creative individual, what does personal success look like to you in the work you do?

Simon: Work that puts a smile on my face when I look back at it.

Randy: This is tricky. A good creative will only like his or her most recent work. If you don’t look back on your work from months ago and feel embarrassed, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. With that said, there is nothing that compares to sustained resonance with an audience. Beyond clicks, pages views, purchases or any other metric for a campaign’s success, getting your work into people’s lives is simply amazing. If someone mentions your work long after it’s relevant, that is a huge win, because you have made something worth remembering.

Dustin: Lives positively impacted. In every project I work on, I keep the user in mind. I try to make each piece as beautiful and easy-to-use as I can so that the audience can be informed and armed with the knowledge they need to make very important decisions that could have huge impacts on their lives or the lives of their patients.

Go-to drink at the MM&M Awards.

Randy: Jameson & Ginger ale (always and forever!)

Dustin: A Manhattan…cuz you got to, right?

Simon: The Woo Woo: Cranberry juice, vodka and peach schnapps #delish #allnight #allday #everyday

Most memorable moment of the trip (outside of the awards).

Dustin: The Brooklyn Bridge.

Simon: Fangirling over DJs Amira and Kayla.

Randy: Too many to pinpoint; walking the Brooklyn bridge AND every meal was off the charts. OH! Drinking on a rooftop bar with a great view of the Empire State Building, eating at “Eataly,” and Dim Sum with too many delicious things on a tiny table, and dinner with Brandon (+fam) with too many delicious things to choose from.

We truly enjoyed hearing from the #husbros about the incredible experience at the 2017 MM&M Awards. From New York City to St. Louis, the electricity and impact from the “Healthcare Agency of the Year” three-peat was something felt and shared throughout the entire 2e team. To us, it symbolizes something that each individual brings to the table every day: passion, hard work and a lot of personality. We look forward to celebrating our shared success even more (maybe even with those delicious Woo Woos).

Cheers (x3).


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