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How It Feels To Win Healthcare Agency of the Year

Retaining our title of Small Healthcare Agency of the Year year after year has been challenging in the best possible ways.

To keep those fires burning strong and bright, 2e recognizes that means lighting up the people that are responsible for our incredible journey. Instead of sending just our executives (*cough* other agencies *cough*), we opened up the invitation to all employees, letting them nominate the people who they believed had earned the right to go.


2e crew arrives in NYC for MM&M Awards.

When employees attended the autumn 2016 MM&M Awards ceremony in NYC, the experience they gained was invaluable to both themselves and to the spirit they brought back to the St. Louis–based agency. See the firsthand experiences they brought home, below.

Lynda McClure, VP Creative

2eweb-culture-lyndaWe flew into NYC with our best threads for the best party, but didn’t bring with us any expectation we would take home the Small Healthcare Agency of the Year honors two years in a row.

But why? Why shouldn’t we expect that? We work hard, we do good work, we are honest and passionate and talented. So how did we get this honor of being “the best” at what we do?

This question prompted me to reflect back on this year both professionally and personally. 2016 has been an extremely trying year for me with the painful illness and death of my dad. There were times when I had to be away from 2e for weeks at a time. And in that space where I was not able to be, there were so many people who stepped up to fill in, push projects forward, and produce brilliant work.

So for me, it comes down to a simple principle that my dad held as truth: The good guy always wins. And while that seems like such a pollyanna statement, I want to believe it is true. And I suppose, in this very instance, it is. 2e is the good guy, and by golly, we won.

Alex Ray, Writer | Strategist

2eWeb-Culture-AlexRMM&M was a completely immersive and overwhelming experience. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Being in the heart of New York City set the stage and the tone for an experience that I won’t soon forget. Being in an incredible city surrounded by incredible 2e-ers meant that no matter what transpired at the award show, this was a special trip.

As we entered the award show, it felt very much like we were entering a sacred space. Here, we were witness to the most impactful and meaningful work from around the country. The best of the best. All working towards making our world a better place.

As the awards were handed out, I was truly humbled by the caliber of work. And to think that our work, from our tiny spot in St. Louis, was holding its own on the national stage was incredible. To be there was an honor. To win in the way we did was truly inspiring.

That night was one that I’ll cherish for years to come. To know that the work I do each and everyday matters and is being honored on the grandest stage of all is what fuels my passion for continuing this amazing work we do. But more importantly, to be there with great friends, to know we were there because of a family of like-minded explorers united by a singular focus, to know we all did this together, it what makes victory so sweet.

Allie Hayes, Account Executive

2eWeb-Culture-AllieHWow. Not only did I get to work on the coolest projects with the coolest clients, but I was also nominated by my peers to attend the MM&M Award Show and represent our hard work.

I will be forever grateful 2e to be included me in this experience, which was somewhat of a dream. When working those late hours in the shop, it can be hard to see the big picture of why we do what we do. MM&M makes sure to remind us why we are all here, to make an impact in the world for the better.

2e continues to create not only great work, but work that matters to the world. We thank MM&M for noticing 2e and believing in the same vision…Oh and they throw a kick a$$ party to really show their appreciation!

Brandon Chuang, VP Strategic Development

BrandonCBeing principally based in St. Louis — especially in our industry — means that you’re always fighting ghosts. Why should I work with 2e instead of [INSERT BIG NAME AGENCY HERE] in [INSERT BIG CITY HERE]?

Yes, we’d won big at MM&M before, but to be honest, for some, that wasn’t enough. Flukes do happen. But then we walked into some big name venue, again, in one of those big name cities, again, and we won. Again. Agency of the Year. Novartis’ muck magazinePacific Bioscience’s corporate website. 2e absolutely crushed the MM&M Awards in New York that night — along with any remaining doubt or question that anyone may have. Getting “lucky” once? Fine. But twice is 100%, set-in-stone, cold-blooded fact.

Seeing that we’re most known for our talents in life sciences and healthcare, I can’t stress to you how much we like facts.

It is with this wind beneath our wings (cue Bette) that we continue to offer our clients, our employees, and everyone in contact with us the very best 2e experience.  Oh, and winning isn’t bad, either.

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