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VIM Brand Identity

When the winner of the inaugural Startup Weekend HEALThBio St. Louis needed to take its solid concept and build it into a brand, we developed an identity that allowed it to stand out on the crowded stage of mobile fitness apps.


WattRunner started with an exciting idea: tracking workouts based on intensity rather than distance by factoring in previously unused variables like elevation, weather, and terrain. This would provide a new, better exercise metric. Taking out the guesswork required to compare something like a hilly run to a flat one, one number would provide all the information the user needed to accurately assess the true value of a given workout. WattRunner wanted to be more than just another fitness tracking app; it wanted to spark a fitness revolution.

Developing a strong brand identity would be essential to stimulate pre-launch excitement and attract the necessary funding for the WattRunner team to finish their R&D efforts and reach market launch. This brand would need to stand out in a market dominated by huge players like Nike and UnderArmour.


First we developed a new name for WattRunner, focusing on the importance of energy and spirit while trying to find something punchy. VIM at its core means “energy.” It was short, sweet, and a standout for a tech brand. From there, we created the tagline that elaborated on what VIM could offer the consumer: a new and intelligent way to run. “Intelligence for the long run.”

As the backbone for VIM’s future messaging, we crafted a powerful brand narrative inspired by the company’s belief that their product would change the very landscape of fitness. We focused on how the app’s seamless integration of activity and data would liberate runners from the confusing and sometimes overwhelming metrics provided by competitors. Offering a clearer picture of how environment affects workouts, the app would allow users to move smarter to become stronger — to be boundless in their fitness pursuits. The visual identity of VIM was designed to appeal to a diverse audience of amateur runners. We embraced a softer, more inviting look that would appeal to athletes of every skill level.

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