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VIGAMOX® “Your Ally” Campaign

When the anti-infective division of Alcon wanted to reinvest in a declining brand, we focused on emboldening a community against an underestimated infection.


For many years, Alcon’s VIGAMOX® Solution was the go-to pink eye antibiotic for physicians. Then new competition and a reprioritization of marketing efforts contributed to a loss in market share. We were asked to develop a campaign that would bring the strength of this legacy product back into a position of prominence. But communicating with physicians about pink eye can be tricky: because it is so commonplace for them, it is easy for them to forget the very real impact the infection can have on children, families, and school communities. We needed to find a way to make doctors care — and do so within the highly regulated world of pharmaceutical marketing.


Looking beyond the product’s ability to eradicate bacteria, we developed a campaign that centered on a much larger idea: camaraderie. Using the VIGAMOX® shield as a rallying symbol, we connected patients and parents to nurses and physicians in their collective quest to combat pink eye. Without overstating the infection’s medical severity, the brand imagery encouraged physicians to take this infection as seriously as parents do. VIGAMOX® believers are confident in their ability to battle bacterial pink eye because they have a trusted ally by their side. We looked for ways our campaign could empower and embolden our audiences, knowing that the more we showed that we believed in them, the more they would believe in our product.

Photography by Jay Fram

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