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Isto Biologics Website Redesign and Relaunch

When ISTO Technologies tasked us with updating their website to be as cutting edge and inventive as the work they do every day, we gave them a total web overhaul that both artistically and elegantly conveys the brand promise that sets ISTO apart.


With a history of orthobiologic innovation dating back to 1997, ISTO Technologies is a pioneer in restorative and regenerative solutions for spine, orthopedic, and sports injuries. They asked us to create a website that reflected the company as the powerhouse in human biologics that it is. It was vital to communicate the spirit and ingenuity behind ISTO’s cutting-edge work to a complex audience that ranged from scientists and doctors to patients and investors. The website needed to be at once an educational resource for a relatively new field, a hub of information about the company, and a promotional platform for ISTO’s clinically proven in-market products and the new, exciting solutions they had in the pipeline. It needed to be something of a debut — an unveiling — that also expressed a sense of establishment and expertise.


We needed to develop a website that would be practical and appealing to a diverse set of audiences with varying degrees of expertise and interest. Potential patients and their families needed easily-digestible information about ISTO’s technologies and how they applied to their real-world situations. Healthcare specialists, on the other hand, needed more in-depth explanations that made them confident that ISTO was on their level. Investors needed to see not only the company’s potential for growth, but the promising future of the entire field. For all of them, we needed to provide relevant, relatable content that would earn their trust in ISTO’s products.

With a written and aesthetic tone that was sophisticated and assured but also welcoming and comfortable, we showcased the innovative thinking that makes ISTO an industry influencer. It was intelligent, clinical, but without pretense. Central to it all was an emphasis on the company’s core mission: to create technologies that improve the lives of people suffering from often debilitating conditions by optimizing the body’s own healing abilities.

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