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Pacific Biosciences Rebrand and Website Relaunch

Helping companies in complex industries find their voice can be a formidable task. With Pacific Biosciences, we found beauty in that complexity and crafted an exciting, lasting brand identity.


Pacific Biosciences (PacBio), a leader in the field of genomic sequencing, came to us looking for a new brand identity and website. Developing and selling some of the most powerful genomic sequencing solutions available today, PacBio needed their image to reflect the sophistication of their products. As we approached this process, we needed to be sensitive to the landscape in which PacBio operates. It’s a facts-driven industry fueled by skepticism and founded on proof. Because of this, our solutions needed to be based in actual science and built to withstand intense industry scrutiny.


Developing PacBio’s new identity began with finding the heart of their story. To us, the PacBio narrative is much more than machines and science. It’s about the true change brought about by PacBio-driven advancements. It’s about real-world impact supported by actionable results.

As we worked to bring their story to life, we knew that to say something simply, we had to understand it expertly. In order to refine PacBio’s messaging, we completely immersed ourselves in the field of genomics, exploring the intricate details that would help us shape a new, engaging narrative that could speak to a broader audience. In developing PacBio’s core story and content strategy, we found it necessary to create a robust collection of resources for interested industry professionals as well as new and current customers. It was an intensive approach, but it stands as a towering example of PacBio’s commitment to their customers, their industry, and the general public.

We knew that in order to propel the newly crafted PacBio story, we needed an inviting visual presentation. So we set out for a complete refresh, incorporating new lifestyle-focused imagery and a reimagined color palette that communicated a sense of energy and vibrancy. Our central focus was creating something more real and authentic. We wanted an approach that could effortlessly weave its way through the website, leading to a design that was interactive, user-focused, and fully engaging.

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