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Cumberland KRISTALOSE® Sales Kit

Refreshing and Future-Proofing a Brand Identity

The Challenge

Everybody poops. But it’s not always easy.

KRISTALOSE® is a laxative indicated to treat chronic constipation. It has once-daily dosing, patient-preferred taste, discrete and convenient packaging… and a twelve-year-old brand identity. Because of this, Cumberland came to 2e with one of the funnest challenges of the year: refresh an old laxative brand, making it relevant to a younger patient base. Relative for a laxative, that is.

The Strategy

Cumberland’s original ask of refreshing a more than decade-old brand made us realize the distinct possibility that whatever we created would probably be around in 2027. To that end, we made it our mission to deliver a solution that would not only age gracefully, but would have the conceptual legs to generate supplemental content for years to come.

The Craft

One of the biggest attraction points for KRISTALOSE lies in its discrete, single-use packaging. In fact, it’s a novel selling point — so why not take advantage? Gently leaning into the humor of the disease state, we personified the KRISTALOSE packet and placed him (Her? It?) in front of brightly colored backdrops. From there, our friend plays tennis, rides a tandem bicycle, and goes to the beach — you know, things we all do when we’re regular. Coupling that with both the necessary and valuable information on the product itself, we packaged the concept into both a concise 4-page sales aid and handheld file card for easy, in-office access and education.

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