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SIEMENS HELX Evolution Sales App

Supporting and Amplifying a Sales Force


The HELX™ Evolution series of ultrasound systems is Siemens’ flagship imaging lineup, which is why the company tasked us to help increase awareness and boost sales when performance wasn’t matching expectations. To support the field force in their efforts, we developed a web-based sales app that allowed Siemens’ team members to access any and all HELX Evolution information wherever and whenever they had internet access.


After ample research, we understood that Siemens didn’t have a sales problem. They had a sales tool problem. Sales tools were just too cumbersome — reps forgot sell sheets in the car; stacks of brochures were too heavy to carry around; emails weren’t working within the thick-walled, cellular-blocking confines of the hospital. As we sought to clearly differentiate HELX Evolution, we discovered that the system’s biggest benefit was its touchscreen interface. From there it was a no brainer: create a web-based app (thereby mitigating specific system dependence — you could access it from Android, iOS, etc.; as long as you had internet access).


In creating the digital sales tool, we equipped the field reps with all of the traditional, necessary pieces: specs, shareable brochures, product catalogs, order forms, etc. But more importantly, we fully leveraged the touchscreen capabilities of the phones and tablets that a huge majority of reps would be using to power the tool.

Based on our firsthand experience and training with the system and sonographer, we built a workflow simulator within the tool. It directly mimicked the HELX Evolution experience, displaying the exact same button configurations and workflow choices that clinicians who use the system everyday would see. Not only could reps walk their customers through what makes HELX Evolution better, customers themselves could take the ultrasound machine on a “test drive” without actually making the reps lug a huge $150,000 box from office to office.

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