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EKSO Bionics EKSOGT™ Sales Tool

Putting Science in Motion


For years, Silicon Valley start-up Ekso Bionics has focused on their incredible technology. EksoGT was built as a medical device, promoting faster recovery and giving hope to those patients who thought they may never walk again. As time passed, Ekso Bionics saw new opportunities in manufacturing and construction. This same innovation that healed people, could also be adapted to help prevent injuries for those in physically strenuous jobs. The manufacturing workers who wore the EksoZeroG device while working long hours and lifting heavy objects showed less impact on their bodies at the end of the day. Before wearing the device, one construction worker couldn’t pick up his toddler after a day of work. Now, people with smaller builds could complete tasks that only much larger people could do in the past, opening new doors for women in physically demanding jobs. Ekso Bionics needed 2e Creative’s help to tell a story that would have impact across both healthcare and industry.


In the past, Ekso Bionics® used black and white photography to highlight and focus on the technological prowess of the device. We wanted to go beyond that by focusing on the human being wearing the device. Whether it was a construction worker that was too sore from a day on the job to pick up his daughter or a woman injured in a car accident who never thought she’d walk down the aisle at her wedding. EksoGT™ was able to make these small, yet significant moments, possible. To highlight these narratives, we used beautiful color imagery of actual people with real stories to breathe life into the emotional core of what Ekso Bionics® was doing for people each and every day.

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