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CIPRODEX® “We know ears” Campaign

When the anti-infective division of Alcon asked us to reinvigorate a decades-old brand, we gave them something completely unique to the space.


We faced an exceptional challenge when we were asked to refresh the brand identity of CIPRODEX® Otic, Alcon’s flagship antibiotic ear drop. Although CIPRODEX® has long been #1 in its class, Alcon needed to reinforce the brand promise in order to keep their antibiotic top-of-mind, motivating physicians to continue turning to CIPRODEX® without hesitation. As CIPRODEX® is widely considered a superior product, we were starting in an enviable position, but we discovered we were limited in what new information we could incorporate into our materials. In order to best protect patients, the FDA is highly restrictive when it comes to what claims can be made about medications. Violators may face harsh financial penalties and reputational backlash. Because of this, creativity and flexibility are absolutely essential when working with pharmaceutical clients.


With our content options limited by FDA restrictions, we knew a compelling visual approach would be central to a successful campaign. And with ENT specialists and pediatricians as our primary audiences, we knew we were talking to a highly educated group. Rather than focusing on the finer points of CIPRODEX® — restating the claims physicians have heard for so many years — we concentrated on developing strong visuals to illustrate Alcon’s comprehensive understanding of the ear and the expertise that drove the development of the product.

Coupling intricate paper art with watercolor painting, our campaign subtly and effectively depicted the impressive make-up of the human ear as well as the complex nature of CIPRODEX® as a treatment. A multifaceted layering of the ear canal elevated the anatomy to biological artwork, acknowledging it as something special. The complexity of the droplet illustrated the years of research and clinical trials that forged CIPRODEX® into the bacteria-battling antibiotic that it is. The strategic use of watercolor nodded to the fact that the product is a topical drop — an important distinction in the current conversation about the overuse of oral antibiotics. The use of strong yet simple copy elegantly reinforced why CIPRODEX® is #1, rousing confidence in the product.

Photography by Jay Fram | Paper sculpture by Marnie Karger 

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