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MyCancer.com Web Strategy + Design

Caris Life Sciences was used to talking to physicians, not their patients or advocacy groups. We adapted their story for the general public and helped them reach thousands.


Molecular profiling is an emerging field within oncology. Caris Life Sciences, a leader in this field, had built their communications plan around reaching physicians, and their competitors were having more luck engaging the general public — particularly the media.


Caris needed to re-tell their story of molecular profiling for a more general audience and develop a destination that could engage their key non-physician base. We developed MyCancer.com, a lightly branded, advocacy-style site about cancer biomarkers that included interactive elements, infographics, and clear explanations about the biology of cancer. In concert, we also launched MyCancer-branded social media channels aimed at patients and advocacy groups on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Working with Caris’ PR partners and in-house advocacy teams, we supported the MyCancer.com story through targeted local media campaigns and developing mutually beneficial relationships with cancer advocacy and support groups.

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