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ARTS San Antonio 2014 Season Poster

ARTS San Antonio wanted a way to showcase the passion and excitement of their 2014 season in a cohesive, easily digestible format. And they tapped us to perform.


As a non-profit arts organization, ARTS San Antonio has made it its mission to “educate, enrich, and entertain the people of the greater San Antonio region.” For decades, ARTS SA has lived up to its promise by bringing in top-tier visual and performing artists to the families and individuals of south-central Texas. And though patrons enjoyed the diverse offerings, ranging from Cuban trumpeters to Russian ballerinas, the leadership group of ARTS SA wanted more. That’s why they approached 2e with a straightforward objective for their season’s poster campaign: Make it fun. Make it beautiful. Make it all work together.


Because of ARTS SA’s ability to attract a variety of events, we knew any connection between the season’s performances would require strong continuity in design and messaging. Additionally, each performance had its own unique image library that we had to utilize, meaning every visual had its own size, exposure, framing style, and more. To create a unified look, we developed a high-contrast design that placed the performer in the foreground in stark black and white, with bright bursts of color in the background to bolster the energy and feel of each performance while also creating a spectrum-like look for the series as a whole.

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