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Alcon muck Magazine

Sometimes the most efficient way to reach a consumer audience is to create your own consumer outlet — even if that means building your own magazine from the ground up.


Patient influence over physician prescribing habits is growing. As consumers become better educated about their own health and the workings of the healthcare system, they want to understand why their doctors prescribe what they prescribe — and whether their doctors’ priorities align with their own. Because of this, educating a consumer audience can be imperative to pharmaceutical campaigns. Unfortunately, many of the best channels to reach consumers are diffuse in their reach or prohibitively expensive, often times both. Alcon charged us with creating a consumer-facing piece that would educate parents about two anti-infective brands that they could then discuss with their pediatricians — all on a limited budget.


We determined that the best place to reach parents was in the pediatrician’s waiting room, when their attention would already be focused on their kid’s health. Rather than creating a pamphlet that could easily be lost in a crowd of other handouts, we knew a vibrant magazine would attract more attention. Thus, muck was born.

We thought about our own experience as parents and filled the magazine with insights we would want to read: fun, sharable educational factoids and articles about grubby, fun-loving kids and the germs that surround them. The magazine’s aesthetic reflects the playful tone of its contents, balancing colorful photos of tangible objects with cartoon drawings. Overall, we sought to mirror the controlled chaos that is parenthood. After providing our readers with a solid basis of knowledge about, among other things, bacteria, we included ads for our two antibiotics. By placing the ads at the end of the magazine, we prepared our audience to better understand the benefits of our products, while giving the brands exclusivity within the book and associating them with a fun and valuable resource.

Photography by Ashley Gieseking


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