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Abbott “Start with ME” Product Campaign

As part of cataract surgery, patients are implanted with an intraocular lens, commonly called an IOL. These tiny devices are literally the lenses through which cataract patients see their worlds. Our longtime partner Abbott came to us with a desire to differentiate their entire portfolio of IOLs and a single, critical message: focus on optical quality.


When asking us to promote their family of IOLs, Abbott made the challenge clear: “ophthalmologists don’t like change.” Even if a new lens is superior, many surgeons prefer to stick with products and procedures they are familiar with. Furthermore, optical quality can be a difficult concept to grasp. Its benefits are intangible and can feel abstract — even when backed by clinical data. Considering all this, we decided to meet our challenge with another.


We needed to give meaningful context to the value of each lens, showcasing the profound effect they have on the everyday lives of patients. So we set out to transform a set of highly technical differentiators into a compelling, emotional brand story. The strategy? Put surgeons face to face with the patients who view their lives through IOLs. Each piece featured expressive portraiture that amplified the challenging tone of the copy and elegantly delivered some much-demanded “stopping power.”

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