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Behind The Design With Simon Lam

A Talented Team

From our clients to our employees, we pride ourselves on the quality of people we have within the 2e community. When we add to our staff, good character, likability, and individuality are just as important as skill set.

That said, there is no shortage of skill in our office — just the opposite, in fact, according to Print Magazine. In addition to the creative talent Art Director Simon Lam brings us every day, he also won a 2016 Regional Design Award for his poster design for ARTCRANK!

PatternOnPattern by Simon Lam

The Creative Inspiration and Design Process

Simon used clean lines and simple shapes to push the development of basic elements to create his award-winning design using only two colors (yet printing on a colored paper to cleverly add a third color). After determining the cutting lines that were projected from the basic frame and shapes of the bike, he then drew several patterns, playing around with the weights. He then used these to create a poster featuring a cropped section of a bike.

UnderConsideration featured Simon and his work, where he shared some of the inspiration behind the Artcrank design:

“. . .Since the patterns were adding enough visual noise already, I wanted to utilize negative space for creating basic yet intricate shapes to delineate the cropped section of a bike. In a way, the patterns represent the different conditions a cyclist faces: the dotted pattern resembles dust and noise, the dashed pattern mimics rain, and both angular patterns symbolize leaves and snow.”

How “Award-Winning” Feels

Working for this award-winning company for over six years, Simon shared what he has learned, “Awards are very subjective — and one should not work towards them — but it feels damn nice when you are recognized by your community.” Well-said.


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