Small Healthcare Agency Of The Year

Words cannot describe the immense pride we felt when we found out we were the first company in the 50-year history of the Medical Marketing & Media Awards to win Small Healthcare Agency of the Year two times, let alone two years in a row. There is no greater accolade in healthcare marketing than winning an MM&M Award. Thrilled, shocked, ecstatic… We could go on, but we will let everyone else do that for us.


From MM&M:

“Outstanding client work over the year included the DTC initiative mMuck, for Alcon, to promote healthy parenting; a complete rebranding and relaunch of Pacific Biosciences’ Sequel; and Unexpect Ophthalmology for Abbott.

Apart from feeling that 2e epitomizes the power of the small agency, judges rated its homegrown employee incentive program Teamshares highly. With it, staffers can earn the opportunity of sharing in a profit pool through positive work contributions.

The company’s clothing drive, Sock It to 2e, whereby the St. Louis homeless received several thousand pairs of socks, was also a great charitable success.

Client testimonials routinely hailed 2e Creative’s ability to listen to client needs while carefully protecting their products and reputations. One wrote that she considers ‘2e to be one of the best agencies that [she] has ever had the pleasure of working with—Siemens is lucky to have them.'”

Oh, go on… Click here to read the full breakdown of why MM&M thinks were rock.

Celebrating #2 Win of Agency of the Year + Some

Remember how we felt in 2015? It’s like that, only better.

We had a crew of people in NYC for the big awards show, but that didn’t let people back at the office not get in the fun! When we shared the news with the whole team, GIFs started flying back and forth, bottles were popped, and the cheers continued all day.


At the MM&M Awards ceremony, you could say our 2e personality really came through. To see all of the 2e photos, check out our MM&M Awards Facebook album. You can see the rest of the party pics from the MM&M Awards here.


Competing with some of the most noteworthy healthcare agencies in the space made us feel in good company. In addition to Small Healthcare Agency of the Year, we took home a few more notable mentions.

We also won Best Disease Education Campaign for muck, a proprietary media brand created for Alcon and Novartis.

In addition, we also took Silver for Best Branded Website for Healthcare Professionals for our work with Pacific Biosciences.

We were one of the winningest (is that a word?) independent agencies of the night. 

Looking Forward

What this means to us is a great celebration not because we won something as an agency, but that we are recognized for the outstanding work we’ve been able to bring our clients. The feeling of pride comes from the smartest people working on the incredible projects and brands that continue to change the world.

This pretty much sums it up.

We will continue to bring it, and we will see you in 2017.



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