2e takes the MM+M Awards by storm

Filing itself nicely under the “Great News” category of the website is last week’s announcement by the Medical Marketing & Media judging committee that 2e is a finalist for this year’s MM&M Awards.

Recognized for three awards (two for “Best Corporate Marketing Campaign” for our work on the FUEL campaign for Sigma-Aldrich as well as the “What’s Your Amerinet?” campaign for Amerinet; one for Small Healthcare Agency of the Year — yes, you read correctly, according to MM+M, 2e is one of the best healthcare and medical agencies in the country), your friends at 2e are excited and ready to sprint to the dais on October 1 in Manhattan and, hopefully, come home with three bright and shiny MM&M Awards.



Finalists receive great honor and distinction amongst their peers, as well as this handsome 120×90 JPEG


To get everyone up to speed on the awards themselves, we’ll let the fine folks at MM&M take it from here: “There is no greater accolade in healthcare marketing than winning an MM&M Award. Every submission is judged by an independent panel of seasoned industry experts, whose dedication, expertise and authority ensure that we recognize the most deserving work.”

So thanks, independent panel of seasoned industry experts. Remind us to buy you a drink when we see you in New York.

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