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2e Heads for the Hills

One very fine July day, we 2e’ers packed into a bus and, in true American fashion, headed west… ok, southwest. With the Arch at our backs, we embarked on a journey toward a magical land where the air was fresh, the wildflowers were plenty, and cell coverage was shoddy at best — Westover Farms in Steelville, MO.

We kicked the morning off the only way we knew how — with coffee, mimosas, and lots and lots of ideas. Taking advantage of fresh surroundings, we spent the first half of the day in creative sprints. We talked partnerships and opportunities, ways to come together as a team, and plans to better serve our clients and our community. As the day progressed, one thing became clear: there are company retreats, and then there are rare, beyond-glorious days filled with hiking, fly fishing, idea making, rock skipping, waterhole wading, haunted farm homes, shootin’ the breeze, shootin’ clay pigeons, country dinners, Neil Diamond bus karaoke, and some of the best company you could ever keep.

Though the sun may have set on our time at Westover Farms (read: our proposal for 2e West was rejected), we returned with high spirits, fresh ideas, and a renewed passion for all the things that make 2e, well, 2e.


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