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The 2e Creative Internship

Take Your Brain Somewhere You’ll Use It

Tar and feather us if you must, but we believe “work experience” should involve real work, real client experience, and real, cashable paychecks. We have this weird thing for talent, individuality, and drive. We also keep a life-size bear cutout in the kitchen. But who doesn’t, right?

At 2e Creative, we do what works — even if it means shaking things up. We spend our days somewhere in between creatively strategizing and strategically creating. We learn. All the time. We do, then do better. And that’s what our interns do, too.

Think you’re our kind of well-reasoned revolutionary? Read on, intern hopeful. Read on.


2017 Internship Pertinents

Open To:

Juniors, seniors, and recent graduates

Spans From:

June 5 – July 28



College Credit:




Our favorite tradition is breaking the traditions we can’t get behind: like the one where “intern” is basically synonymous with “coffee wench” or “demi-professional collator.” Yeah, we’ll have none of that.

Edited for awesomeness and value, “internship” should go a little exactly like this:

Team Spirit

You’ll work as a unit, functioning as any other 2e team would. Account side, creative side… it’s all one beautiful coalition. Plus, you’ll be an integral part of something the St. Louis Business Journal likes to call one of our city’s best places to work.


For every Plato, there is a Socrates. For every Frodo, there is a Gandalf. For every 2e intern, there is a 2e mentor. Each step of the way, you’ll have someone to show you the ropes and challenge you to be better, better, and best.

Work [Work, Work, Work, work]

Our program isn’t easy — and we want you to want it that way. You’ll be in charge of your own client, which means you’ll have deadlines and demands. It also means you’ll finish the summer with a project you can call your own (and a little 2e client work sprinkled on top).


As in years past, the intern project will channel the 2e mantra: we drive change for brands that shape our world. You’ll get to do something worth believing in, and when all is said and done, you’ll be prepared to work at an agency because you’ll have actually worked in one.



Copywriting Intern

Creator of engaging messaging for brand strategies and communications. Thinker. Storyteller. Guru.


Design Intern

Architect of engaging visual messaging for brand strategies and communications. Placer. Painter. Maestro.



2014: Hope for Henry
Fundraising Campaign

2015: VIM
Brand Identity

2016: DGCkids
Awareness Campaign

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Want to do as the 2e’ers do? Show us that brain — that big, spongy, ever-working, ever-expanding brain. Fill out the form, attach your resume, and add portfolio links or PDFs (ad projects, conceptual work, blog pieces, whatever you’ve got). Proofread. Submit. We’ll take it from there.