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Ross Toohey

President & CEO

Ross is first and foremost a storyteller. Having embarked on his career in the creative business as a copywriter, his years at 2e have honed his ability to help organizations articulate differentiation. As our agency’s President & CEO, he is an advocate for compelling brand narrative and influential change — both for 2e and our clients. Ross is heavily involved in the Young President’s Organization, serves on the board of the Business Marketing Association, and helps to raise two young daughters with guidance from his [remarkably] patient wife.

Lynda McClure

Vice President | Executive Creative Director

Lynda has been with 2e from the beginning. “I started as a young, idealistic designer plugging away in a stuffy third-floor attic.” Since then, the company has (thankfully) moved twice, but its core remains the same. “We’ve always had an unspoken passion to rise above the expected, and it’s still fascinating to me to see us turn an idea into something truly compelling.”

Steve Roseman, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

A profoundly experienced financial expert, it’s difficult to find a more respectable guy than Steve. After serving as CFO for a number of agencies over the years, this Desert Storm Marine Corps Reserve veteran’s biggest point of pride still stems from his status as a CBC graduate. For those that understand what that means, yes, he’s one of those people.

JC Dillon

Director of Account Management

Having spent the bulk of his career working with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, J.C. came to 2e with a wealth of knowledge and a true mastery of brand strategy. His seasoned perspective continually helps us shape powerful initiatives that drive lasting change for our clients. Along with his industry expertise, J.C. can also be counted among the giants of wardrobe consistency (think Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg).

Steve Winkler

Production Manager

One of the longest tenured 2e’ers, Steve joined the company in 2001. Before us, the avid snowboarder paid for his regular trips to Colorado by plying his trade as an experienced designer for a variety of small-to-midscale marketing agencies and departments. “I’ve grown as the agency’s grown,” says Steve, “and I’m excited about our continued evolution.”

Brandon Chuang

Vice President | Executive Creative Director

A native Hoosier, Brandon came to 2e armed with a skill set fueled by extraordinary communicative instinct, better-than-average food, and late 90’s hip hop. Putting it all to use on a daily basis, Brandon helms many of our creative projects along with leading our stable of talented writers. In addition, he’s also a super modest James Beard–nominated food journalist.

Troy Jones

Art Director

Tom Seymour

Account Executive

Jackie Reich

Production Designer

Armed with a BFA from Washington University that included a second major in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Jackie brings an air of sophistication and a sharp eye for design to our production team. She finds joy in typography, ligatures (look it up), and the delicate landscapes of serif fonts. Also, she’s serious about lipstick. Like 60-different-colors serious. But, you know, who’s counting?

Aaron Vintes

Interactive Developer

Aaron first came to 2e as a freelance web developer. “I was super impressed with the caliber of 2e’s work and the realness of its culture,” he explains. Fast forward two years, and the tattooed web designer now calls 2e his permanent home. “Don’t call it a comeback, kids.”

Laura Heidotten


Emily Kressaty

Art Director

Resident Rice Krispies–lover Emily is the newest addition to 2e’s design team. A proud Mizzou grad, Emily came to us with a strong background in print and editorial design and an unquenchable curiosity for practically everything else. In addition to her design talents, Emily boxes, plays soccer, and gushes over her two dogs (Ellie and Bailey). She believes that CMYK is way better than RGB.

Chelsea Zimmerman

Studio Admin

Chelsea spent the first part of her career molding the minds of 4th graders. So naturally, she’s perfectly suited to corral an office full of rowdy creatives. With dazzling organizational skills and an eternal smile, Chelsea manages to keep the entire office running smoothly while effortlessly cultivating our decidedly unique culture. She’s an integral part of what makes 2e, well, 2e.

Matt Bender

Art Director

As the agency’s token cyclist, Matt understands his importance. “Everyone knows that every legit agency needs to have at least one cyclist on staff,” he explains. In addition to lending credibility, the talented art director works to continuously add to the excitement that is generated here each day. “We’re always pushing, and it’s that tirelessness that I find absolutely inspiring.”

Simon Lam

Art Director

Migrating from Venezuela, Simon Lam moved to St. Louis in 2006 to earn his BFA in graphic design from Maryville University. And with a designer-messenger-bag-full of agency experience, Simon joined 2e in 2010. He is a former board member and die-hard supporter of AIGA St. Louis. He also loves shoes so much that he refuses to wear the same pair twice in one week. Seriously.

Randy Lutz

Production Designer

Ben Kaplan

Creative Director

Tom Coates

Account Executive

Always the world traveller, Tom decided to put down a few roots in St. Louis as he completed his MBA at Saint Louis University. He joined the ranks of our intrepid account team with an impressive grasp on the business and marketing landscapes. And as if that weren’t enough, he can work sports references into conversations better than anyone we’ve ever met.

Dan Rubin

Associate Creative Director

Dan once fancied himself a woodcut printmaker, but then he stabbed himself in the hand and decided writing was safer. Since then, Dan has become an accomplished playwright, an adjunct faculty member at Washington University, and now an associate creative director here at 2e. He will debate all of you on language usage and structure.

Alex Ray

Writer & Strategist

After many sleepless nights and countless smoky stages, Alex took his knack for words to a different kind of venue. A certified social media nerd (seriously, he’s certified by the National Institute for Social Media), this former singer-songwriter joined 2e with a rich and formidable background in all things digital. Today, Alex attributes his lack of rest to his newborn son.

Madison Molho

Account Executive

Raised in the agency world and armed with a Biology degree from Hamilton College, the lines between Madison’s left and right brain blur more than most. Her unique, creatively scientific perspective is only matched by her passion for the job, “I love what I do because I’m actually helping someone, not just increasing a bottom line.”

Marisa Lather

Content Engagement Strategist

Bekah Rigby


Bekah started her 2e journey as one of our fearless interns. After surviving the gauntlet that is the 2e internship process, she made the none-too-easy leap to our writing team. This newly minted Master’s degree holder has a penchant for 90s-era nostalgia, serious reads (Frank O’Hara, anyone?), and shaming the entire office with her ridiculously healthy lunches.

Dustin Mueller

Junior Designer

With a background in package design and display advertising, Dustin is well versed in making things look good. As the latest addition to our design team, the avid outdoorsman and amateur photographer is confident about his new workspace. “I feel that my methodical approach to design will help me flourish here.” The fact that he also brews beer doesn’t hurt.

Taylor Lutkewitte

Account Director

Allison Gagnon

Account Coordinator

Michael Ferrell

Finance Director

A born-and-bred St. Louisan, Mike is one of the elite few who can claim to have never worked anywhere else but 2e. After graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Mike entered our summer internship program and basically never left. “Thankfully, they let me stay — which is great, because I can honestly say this is the best job I’ve ever had.”

Alicia Arnold


Ashley Geringer

Art Director

After graduating from the University of Tulsa, Ashley returned to St. Louis to hone her craft. For the greater part of a decade she’s crafted visual stories for a variety of clients — including two globally renowned arches (think Gateway and Golden). While she describes her aesthetic as simple, Ashley loves to explore color, typography, and texture. When she’s not in the office, you can find her chasing after her daughter and tackling her latest DIY project.

Amy Figurel

Account Director

Nearly 15 years of  resource management experience — along with an unending love for practically everything old timeless — is what Amy brings to the team and our clients here at 2e. “It’s a daily challenge,” she says, “getting projects delivered on time while ensuring our team has the breathing room necessary to create truly great work. But it’s a challenge I’ve always enjoyed.”


Joe Toohey

Advisor & Muse

The genesis of the “too-ee” in 2e Creative, Joe can vividly recall the day that 2e began. “It was a frenzy of emotion, energy, passion, commitment, and fear,” recalls Joe. “To this day, we continue to elicit the same sensations of pure awesomeness. From its fledgling years of scrappy seat-of-the-pant marketing to the present’s well-coifed strategic approach, 2e is, and always will be, my creative muse.”

Matt Turner

Medical Editor

Allison Koehler

Writer & Strategist

Allison was born on a fishing vessel somewhere off the coast of Chile to a prominent-yet-humble family who, to this day, prides themselves in their ability to make saltwater jams from the sea’s natural bounty — including pescada, a fishy Chilean delicacy. Prone to tall tales, Allison’s unwavering passion for writing is what keeps her in our good graces.

Yiming Baker

Account Executive

Yiming has traveled pretty far to get here. Originally from the Hunan province of China, she came to the United States for college. After earning her master’s degree in advertising at Syracuse University, this food-loving account executive gained valuable experience working at some of the largest and most prestigious agencies on the east coast. Now, she’s all ours.

Allie Hayes

Account Executive

A St. Louis native, Allie took a hiatus from her hometown to study the fine arts of communication, PR, marketing, and dance in Lebanon, Illinois. Making her triumphant return to the Gateway City, she’s found a place on the account team here at 2e as well as a home on our soon-to-be-announced PR/marketing/dance team.

Kimberly Doman

Account Coordinator

Brian Sidebottom

Multimedia Specialist

Brian loves guitars and video games, which makes sense. As the agency’s multimedia specialist, he’s surrounded every day by sights and sounds that he pieces together to create engaging digital tools that tell our clients’ stories. “I love being able to combine my technical and problem-solving skills with my creative spark to help companies affect real, positive change.”

Jamie Simpher


Michael Piasecki

Creative Director

Baptized in the agencies of Chicago, Michael has nearly a decade of experience in helping brands develop and hone their stories. “I take great pride in what I do,” says the on-again-off-again ovo-lacto vegetarian. “To help a client find their voice and amplify it — that’s what excites me.” When he’s not amplifying, Michael can often be found debating with himself on whether or not it’s still OK to drink Yoo-hoo.